Chris Haughton

author photo

Chris Haughton is a freelance illustrator and designer, originally from Ireland, working in London. He is well known for his work with Fair Trade, he has been collaborating with People Tree and co-founded Made By Node a social business that creates handmade fair trade rugs.

Haughton loves to travel and has worked in a variety of different jobs all around the world. He has been a waiter in San Francisco, a handyman in London’s Paddington Station, an English and Art teacher for children in Hong Kong and an illustration tutor in India and Korea. His passion for picture books developed during his time as a teacher:

“In Hong Kong the small children I was teaching didn’t understand me very well, so to keep them looking at me I had to make funny faces and draw pictures on the blackboard.”

From then on Haughton’s aim was to create children’s books that can be read without words, so that children from across the world can understand everything just by looking at them. As a result, his first book, A Bit Lost, has been translated into numerous languages and has won awards in many different countries including the Dutch Picture Book of the Year.

A Bit Lost was followed in 2014 by Oh no George! a hilarious tale about a dog trying his best to be good. Next came the beautiful Shh! We Have a Plan, which won the best children’s book at the Irish Book Awards in 2014.

Chris’s latest picture book Goodnight Everyone was published by Walker Books in August 2016.