Helena Duggan

helen duggan author picture

Helena is Irish. This means she’s from Ireland, a little island that’s always green because it’s always raining. Sometimes when it’s less rainy they can see the sun and on those days all of Ireland takes a holiday.

When she’s on holiday she likes to take her notebook outside and write in it. Some of the stuff that comes out is good and some of it is a load of rubbish. In fact that’s what she called her first book written inside a cow print notebook while travelling around Australia, New Zealand and bits of Asia; there are a lot of bits in Asia so she didn’t get to many of them.

Once she’d finished A Load of Rubbish, she left it aside thinking it was… well possibly a little rubbish, and began her next story A Place Called Perfect. Judging by the title, she’d grown in confidence. She’s also a graphic designer and illustrator when it’s raining.

A Place Called Perfect will be published by Usborne in August 2017.