Vicky Woodgate

Vicky Woodgate has been drawing and scribbling her whole life. After studying at Chelsea College of Art and Design she landed brush first within the TV, Film and Theme Park industry painting huge back drops, Wild West villages and what seemed like millions of Tweety Pie’s. Years of rusty scaffolding, creaky knees and paint filled fingernails led her to finally wash her hands and buy a Mac and start illustrating.

Having illustrated many magazine articles, important illustrated messages in advertising and all manner of pencil for hire jobs, the call of the wild took her. Vicky has always loved wildlife having grown up in a family of animal fanatics and conservationists, her dream was to write and illustrate her own books preferably if there were animals involved!.

Her first book Urban Jungle was published by Big Picture Press, it tackles and explores wildlife found in some of the biggest cities around the world, it was ‘swiftly’  followed by A World Of Birdsa fact filled compendium of our feathered friends across the planet. A World of….  series will continue with a new title due in 2020, also published by Big Picture Press.