Congratulations to Dan Walker and Sky Thieves

Dan Walker has reached the shortlist for the Brilliant Book Award 2018 with his wonderful debut middle grade fiction, Sky Thieves.

Zoya DeLarose has no idea her life is about to change forever when a band of sky thieves ‘steal’ her away from her orphanage, landing up in the clouds, on board The Dragonfly’s deck. There, Zoya discovers a world of meteorite storms, sword fights, midnight raids, floating islands, and long lost treasure.

But with a deadly enemy closing in, will Zoya find the strength to face her fears and unlock the key to her destiny, or will she drop from the skies with no one left to break her fall?

Sky Thieves is an action-packed debut with a thrilling conclusion and beautifully constructed worldbuilding. We’re delighted to see it make the shortlist for the Brilliant Book Award 2018 – and we’ll have our fingers crossed for the announcement of the winner next March!

You can grab your own copy of Sky Thieves here . . .

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