Cover Alert For Chloe Seager’s MY TYPE ON PAPER!

MESSAGE! Feeling ‘mugged off’ with this weather? Dreaming of a Summer teen romance that is 100% your type on paper? Well, Chloe Seager has cracked on and written a book that will absolutely turn your head!

We are buzzin’ to reveal the cover for My Type On Paper that will be published in February 2020 by Scholastic!

Maya is down in the dumps … quite literally. She’s just been pied off by her boyfriend before what was supposed to be their last romantic summer before heading off to Uni. Luckily help is at hand in the form of her friends, determined to hook her up with a fun summer romance, no strings attached. And with a summer job working at fancy new beach resort in town, how can she fail to meet the guy of her dreams? Hot weather, hot guys, hot summer romance… it’s a dead cert.
But how will she know which guy to go for?

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