Michael Jecks

Michael-Jecks-photoMichael Jecks was born in 1960 in Surrey and was at heart a countryman. His family went to Devon every Easter, and early on he knew he wanted to live in the country. On honeymoon in 1993, he visited Fursdon House. Shortly afterwards he had the idea for a medieval murder story based on Fursdon and the destruction of the Templars, a terrible but exciting period in English history. He decided to try to write the novel, which soon became The Last Templar. It was finished in March 1994, and Headline bought it, initially commissioning two more in the series which has now grown to one of the longest-running crime series ever.

He loves writing and says,

“It is the only career for which I have been paid to daydream. Being able to write and entertain other people and earn a living at the same time is a marvellous way to live. I wouldn’t change anything.”