Happy book birthday, Anna and Otis!

We’re so delighted to see today’s grey weather immensely brightened with the publication of Anna and Otis, by Maisie Paradise Shearring!

Will people ever learn to accept a snake as a friend?

Anna and Otis the snake are great friends and they love having fun together. But Otis knows people are scared of snakes, so he usually just plays at home or in the garden. He is nervous when Anna suggests a new adventure.

At first people are afraid, and Otis feels he isn’t welcome in the town. But Anna encourages Otis not to give up, and it soon turns out that maybe snakes aren’t as scary as people thought! The hairdresser enjoys shampooing a reptile for a change, and at the skate shop Sally has a lot of fun fitting Otis with his own set of awesome wheels.

Anna and Otis is a truly lovely and heartwarming story about making friends and overcoming fears. Maisie’s wonderful storytelling and fantastic artwork will have younger readers clamouring to hear this book read over and over again.

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