Happy Book Birthday to Desert Thieves by Dan Walker

It was Zoya who spotted them first. Burning orange lights in the dark night sky. At first she thought they might be fireworks, or stars, maybe lanterns – but they weren’t. They were flaming missiles, and they were headed straight at them. The Dragonfly was under attack …

We are wishing a very happy publication day to Desert Thieves, the latest swashbuckling adventure by Dan Walker.

In this exhilarating sequel to Sky Thieves, our heroine Zoya Delarose finds herself on her own and on the run …

Zoya thought she was safe. She’d defeated the notorious Captain Kane, and had started her new life aboard the Dragonfly. But the life of a sky thief is never smooth sailing, and her old enemy has returned intent on destruction.

Published by Oxford University Press, you can buy your very own copy of Desert Thieves here

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