Keep Calm And Carry On With Anton Rippon

We’re keeping calm and carrying on with a copy of the heart-warming new book from author and journalist Anton Rippon in which he offers readers a unique, first-hand account of life on the Home Front in World War Two.

The British are well known for their unique sense of humour (as well as their stiff upper lip) and their ability to see the funny side of life, even in the most dire situation.  It was this indomitable sense of humour that helped the nation through the dark days of the Second World War. In this heartwarming, often amusing and sometimes heartbreakingly sad book, Anton Rippon has gathered together stories from people all over the country that reveal the strange, incredible and downright funny things that happened to them between 1939 and 1945.

From the Blitz to the Home Guard, blackouts to unexploded bombs, service life at home and abroad, there are stories here from all walks of life and from men, women and children of the time. Their first-person stories stand testament to the mighty British spirit that ‘kept us calm and carrying on’ through our nation’s darkest days.

How Britain Kept Calm And Carried On – Real Life Stories From The Home Front is published today by Michael O’Mara Books and is available to purchase on Amazon here