Lord Michael Levy

lord-levy-photoLord Michael Abraham Levy was born in the East End of London to Jewish parents. He was educated at Hackney Downs Grammer School and married Gilda in 1967.

Levy qualified as a Chartered Accountant and later became a hugely successful music mogul, looking after acts such as The Foundations, Guys and Dolls, Bad Manners and Vanity Fair. He later sold his record company to Warner Brothers and used his time to pursue charity matters. Levy became one of the most important and influential leaders in the Jewish community, raising enormous amounts of money for charities and educational foundations.

In 1994, Levy attended a dinner party and met Tony Blair, then Shadow Home Affairs Spokesman. They became good friends and Levy endeavoured to help Labour back into power. When Blair became Prime Minister, Levy was behind the scenes for many of the dramas and crises of the first term.

Lord Levy tells here, for the first time, the whole inside story of the ‘cash for peerages’ scandal, including his own arrest and questioning. It is an explosive story from one of our era’s most fascinating individuals.