Paul Peacock

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Paul Peacock has written over 30 books on self-sufficiency and gardening. He has a weekly column in the Daily Mirror, where he writes as Mr Digwell, is a regular panelist on BBC Radio 4’s Gardener’s Question Time and has had many TV appearances where he talks on the subject of growing your own food and helping the environment. His knowledge and passion also make him the resident expert for the prestigious Edible Garden Show.

Paul’s expertise is reflected in his online magazine, City Cottage, which since the fist issue in 2012, has been seen around the world by over 1.25 million people. Both he and his wife, Diana, have filmed their own TV series for City Cottage, which explores growing, cooking, making cheese and sausages, baking and preparing low cost but wonderful food at home, regardless of how much land you may have.

In his own words, Paul expresses his passion for food:

“No matter what they say, a carrot dug up one day in a field, even a UK field, washed and packed the next day, shipped to the distribution centre the next, and thence to the individual supermarket before sitting on a shelf for a day or two is nowhere near as nutritious or flavoursome as the one I just pulled from my plot ten minutes ago, and will eat for my dinner in another twenty minutes.”