Rachel Cullen

Rachel Cullen is a writer, blogger, author and runner. She is also a reformed ex-commercial litigation solicitor. Amongst other things, she has abseiled off Table Mountain, jumped out of a plane at 11,000 feet, climbed Mount Fuji, worked on a game reserve in South Africa, qualified as a scuba diver and ridden an ostrich.

Throughout her life, Rachel followed a simple yet effective route straight to mental health misery. Suffering from bipolar disorder and depression, but constantly hungry for ‘normality’ at any price, Rachel settled for failing relationships, the wrong careers and a reliance on Blue Nun and Soreen to get her through each day.

Running For My Life is Rachel’s debut book, detailing her very personal journey from bipolar non-runner to medal-winning marathon runner – and how she discovered happiness along the way. Interspersed with Rachel’s real diary entries, from overweight teenager to London Marathon finisher (just months after giving birth), Running For My Life will make you question whether you really can outrun your demons. Running For My Life will be published by Blink Publishing in January 2018.

Rachel lives in Halifax, West Yorkshire with her husband, Gav, and their two girls. She is a self-proclaimed country mouse who makes occasional trips to the city with her trusty raincoat.