60 Postcards in Australia!

We are delighted to see the relaunch of Rachael Chadwick’s beautiful and moving 60 Postcards project.

In 2012, after suddenly losing her mother to cancer, Rachael travelled to Paris where she left 60 handwritten postcards around the city in her memory. Accompanied by a blog, this heartfelt project was turned into a book, published by Simon and Schuster in 2015.

This time Rachael is heading to Australia for 3 weeks where she will travel to Melbourne, Adelaide, Cape Tribulation, Whitsunday and with a final night in Brisbane.

I will handwrite a message on 60 postcards – explaining that it is a project to remember lost loved ones, that grief is universal and shouldn’t be shouldered alone – and scatter them around the places I visit. I will leave my email on for people to get in touch. I will wait and worry and hope that someone may find one. I will probably drink some beers along the way.

Rachael Chadwick

To find out more about Rachael or to get in touch about 60 Postcards in Australia visit her blog 60Postcards.com or follow her on twitter

… and click here to pick up your very own copy of the 60 Postcards book.