John Baker

John joined the agency in 2019 where, as a junior agent, he is focusing on building his own small, cultivated list, shaped around his passion for Science Fiction and Fantasy, alongside providing administrative support across the agency.

Alongside reading every book containing a jaded space captain, an in-over-his-head supernatural detective, or a past-their-prime mercenary crew on one last mission and all possible adventures in between, John has been building a small but unique list of authors, who all share a passion for subverting expectations and creating rich new worlds of adventure.

John is looking for anything under the broad church of SFF, from literary to pulpy, high fantasy to gritty urban, but he would especially love to hear from anyone under-represented in the genre, particularly neurodiverse writers. John is also keen to grow his horror list, but definitely in the vein of psychological terror more than straight gore-fest.

If you would like more information about John’s SFF wishlist and what he likes to see in a submission, check out his profile on the brilliant People of Publishing website.

John has also been branching out into specific talent-led projects, following his own interests.