Lorna Hemingway

After graduating from the University of Exeter with a degree in English Literature, Lorna Hemingway (she/her) completed her MA in Children’s Literature at Goldsmiths, where she was personally mentored by Michael Rosen.

Lorna joined Bell Lomax Moreton in 2019 and is now building her own list and is searching for picture books, chapter books, middle grade, and YA. 

For picture books, she is looking for stories that have heart at the core of their foundation that then stay with her for a long time after reading; narratives that subvert classic hooks (e.g. bedtime, new home, friendship) and tell them in a fresh new way and characters that exude warmth and familiarity. She also has a weakness for all things colourful, bold, and shiny!

For chapter books and middle grade, Lorna would love to read any laugh-out-loud funny texts that knock her socks off. She has a special interest in stories with a strong main character that has real brand and series potential. Think James Bond as a suave caterpillar, a Grinch-inspired dinosaur, or a puppy that is a world-renowned rockstar. There are no ideas too weird or wonderful! Please do not count her out for any texts that are a little more on the quiet side with gorgeous lyrical prose and stunning descriptions; as long as they pack a punch and have her grabbing for a box of tissues, she would love to take a look.

For YA, Lorna would love to receive graphic novel proposals that force her to devour the whole thing in one sitting! She has a special interest in non-Western mythologies and would love to share new and interesting stories that have previously been unheard; bonus points if there is a romance subplot!

Lorna is particularly interested in hearing from LGBTQIA+ authors and illustrators as well as other submissions from diverse and marginalised individuals who are currently underrepresented in the industry.