Apollo#50, The Space Genius and THE SPACE RACE!

The big day is finally here!

Tomorrow marks 50 years since that fateful moment when Neil Armstrong took one small step for man… one giant leap for mankind.

And one BLM author in particular has been reaching for the stars over the last few months getting ready for it!

Astrophysicist, broadcaster, author and all-round space genius, Sarah Cruddas has been all over the globe talking about her specialist subject, her brand new book, The Space Race, and even managed to make history in the process!

THE SPACE RACE is Sarah’s fantastic new children’s non fiction book all about humankind’s race to the moon. It was published by Dorling Kindersley in May of this year.

Whilst on her globe-trotting adventure, Sarah met up with astronaut Eileen Collins, not only the first woman commander of the Space Shuttle, but Eileen also wrote the foreword to The Space Race!

Sarah was speaking and signing at this years Hay Festival, inspiring the next generation of space enthusiasts!

Here’s Sarah looking out the Space Shuttle Training Simulator imagining what it would actually be like to go to space.

Sarah even popped into chat to Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2!

Sarah was featured in this video celebrating the legacy of Apollo at the Apollo 50th Gala, alongside Pharrell and Stephen Hawking! This video is going to be shown in Time Sq tomorow!

Here’s Sarah with Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins, who, unsurprisingly, features in THE SPACE RACE!

And here’s Sarah with an atmospheric balloon, I wonder what she could use that for…

That’s right. Sarah and her team broke history by making THE SPACE RACE the 1st British children’s book in history to go into space!

Thank you Sarah for all your hardwork!

Pick up your own earthside copy of the book here

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