BLM’s Lauren Gardner to judge the BATH CHILDREN’S NOVEL AWARD 2019!

Our own Lauren Gardner is the judge of this year’s Bath Children’s Novel Award! The award organisers recognised Lauren’s expertise in this area and the calibre of Lauren’s children’s list.

Lauren and BLM have always had a great relationship with the award, with Lauren herself representing four previous shortlistees, including Emma Read, author of Milton The Mighty, which was published by Chicken House earlier in this month.

The award is open to independent and unpublished writers, and shortlistees have a history of being snapped up by agents and publishers. The top prize is £2,500 and shortlisted writers will also recieve free feedback from junior judges, as well as literay agent introductions. And the writer of the most promising longlisted novel will receive an online place worth £1,800 on Learn to Edit Your Novel the Professional Way.

Lauren recently enjoyed an amazing interview with the award’s organiser Caroline Ambrose here. In it, Lauren talks about her dream submissions, her wishlist and gives out some great tips on how to come up with a great submission!

If are going to submit to the award, or you just want a better idea of what Lauren is looking for with her children’s fiction submissions, this interview is a must read.

Click here to read the interview or here to find out more about how to apply.

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