Brand New Shiny Copies Of Jecks’ ‘The Tournament of Blood’ & ‘The Boy-Bishop’s Glovemaker’ Available Now!

Michael Jecks’ Knight Templar series is having a makeover, which includes brand new shiny covers for ‘The Tournament of Blood’ and ‘The Boy-Bishop’s Glovemaker’ plus a paperback edition of ‘The Merchant’s Partner’ republished by Simon & Schuster.

The new look gives these books a new lease of life, unleashing a gritty medieval crime series to the fresh faces eager to join in on Jecks’ murder mysteries.

The books continue to celebrate the crime-solving duo, Simon and Baldwin, with critics praising Jecks as “a national treasure.” – Scotland on Sunday.

To grab a copy of the shiny new copies on Amazon, click the covers below.

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