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Apollo#50, The Space Genius and THE SPACE RACE!

The big day is finally here! Tomorrow marks 50 years since that fateful moment when Neil Armstrong took one small step for man… one giant leap for mankind. And one BLM author in particular has been reaching for the stars over the last few months getting ready for it! Astrophysicist, broadcaster, author and all-round space […]

In time for your holiday, Confessions of a Single Mum is now in travel friendly paperback!

This summer, when you are lying poolside, and the woman over from you is cackling with laughter, it’ll be because she’s reading her brand new paperback copy of Amy Nickell‘s Confessions of a Single Mum! Published in paperback today by Headline, it was described by The Sun as a ‘frank and down-to-earth story, inspiring and […]

Five Fabulous BLM Books Publishing Today!

Rounding off a fantastic month of #BLMBooks, we have five fabulous books by our super-talented authors and illustrators being published today! 1st up to bat is the enchanting CLOUD FOREST by the critically acclaimed Victoria Turnball. Published by Frances Lincoln, this incredibly moving tale speaks of the power of books to bring people together, and […]

Today is the BLM Fantastic Five!

It goes to show how incredibly hardworking our gang of authors and illustrators are when we have a whopping 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 books being published today! And each one is an absolute cracker! PICTURE BOOKS N#1, we have Barry Falls’ heartfelt and wonderful IT’S YOUR WORLD NOW! Published by Pavilion, Barry’s debut picture […]