Children's Fiction & Non-Fiction

Sarah Banville and Quinton Winter

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Author Sarah Banville and Illustrator Quinton Winter have delivered their first non-fiction book as a team and filled the lockdown of 2020 with monstrous creativity. Monsters 100 Weird Creatures from Around the World will rise from the depths this Halloween and published in September 2021 by Wren & Rook, Hachette UK.

While the world battles a microscopic villain, it seems the perfect time to roll out the weird and tangible creatures that rose out of imagination, folklore and tradition. In these odd times we need distractions, comforts and fun. We need a world of monsters to enthral children to fill their minds with fantastic tall tales and feast their eyes on never before seen oddities.

Monsters is Sarah’s debut non-fiction book, after a career working in the arts and an education in theatre. Sarah has brought her passion for monsters, the unexplained, science, history and horror films into the research for the book. But most importantly she wanted to write small stories that would animate these odd creatures and allow them to entertain children.

Quinton Winter is an award-winning Illustrator of the Stories of Boys Who Dare to Be Different books published by Quercus and has 20 years of experience in illustration both in publishing and editorial illustration. Quinton’s background is in Fine Art and his approach to children’s illustration is sophisticated and sumptuous bringing the small worlds to life in this book, where every picture introduces a world inhabited by a bizarre creation.

Sarah and Quinton live and work in the seaside town of Whitstable, Kent which is home to its very own monster – Crabzilla! What better environment to create a book of monsters than a front room in an atmospheric fishing town that was once home to Hammer Horror’s legendary Peter Cushing!