Lara Haworth

Agent: Jo Bell    
Lara Haworth is a queer writer, filmmaker and a political researcher, specialising in the UK’s move to become carbon zero by 2050. Having turned an extract from Monumenta into a short story, she won a Bridport prize for it in October 2022. In the same year Lara won a prize for her poem ‘The Thames Barrier’ in the Café Writers Poetry Competition, wrote and narrated a major podcast, The Swimming Pool, for NTS radio and was commissioned to write a long autofiction feature, Mistakes are Pure Colour, for Extra Extra Magazine. Her writing workshop, Letters That Will Never Be Sent, was featured in a BBC World Service documentary.

Ellah Wakatama, Editor at Large at Canongate acquired Monumenta – a groundbreaking debut novel charting a diverging family’s reunion at their childhood home, requisitioned to make way for a monument to an unascertained massacre.  Publishing in June 2024, Monumenta compellingly and playfully explores themes of memory, politics, remembrance – and how devastating tragedy can become the catalyst for remarkable transformation.