Nadia Attia

Agent: John Baker    

Nadia’s fascination with folklore, nature and the supernatural inspires much of her writing. With Egyptian-German heritage and a working-class background, she’s drawn to stories that explore ‘otherness’ and characters who take the path less trodden. She’s currently working on her debut novel, a folk-horror-tinged road trip across a harsh rural landscape where people have turned towards ‘the old ways’ – a dark and atmospheric tale influenced by our racially-charged, increasingly divisive society.

Nadia Attia is a BFI Network Talent Executive and a published journalist. In 2019 she won the FAB (Faber) prize for fiction and was selected for the London Writers Awards. Already praised by the author Will Dean as having ‘huge potential’, Nadia is a graduate of the Curtis Brown novel-writing course, and has been published in Spread the Word’s City of Stories anthology, Star Songs and Luna Station Quarterly. She also writes and releases a newsletter about folk culture, books, art and music. Publishing as lead debut for 2023 by Serpent’s Tail, Verge is her first novel.