SJ Ford

Agent: Jo Bell    

SJ Ford is twenty-eight years old and lives in the Cheshire countryside. She currently works in online marketing and writes part-time – gathering the quirky, emotional, and problematic to feed her imagination and unleash her pen. She has a Golden Retriever that she relishes going on adventures with, a horse that lets her fly, and her favourite place is Cemaes Bay on Anglesey. The Choice is SJ’s debut novel in this genre and published in March 2022.

The Choice by SJ Ford.

Would you take one life to save hundreds?

When Jane Bell uncovered that her next-door neighbour planned to blow up their local primary school, she tried to get the police to listen to her. When they chose to do nothing, she took matters into her own hands.

The Choice is a gripping, addictive crime fiction novel that instantly sparks conversation: Would you kill a man to save hundreds of children?

Published by Aries, Head of Zeus available in paperback and eBook.