Happy Publication Day for Jo Williamson and How To Be A Dog

We’re wishing Jo Williamson a very Happy Publication Day for her tail waggingly brilliant debut picturebook ‘How to be a Dog’, published today by Scholastic Books!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a dog?  What do dogs REALLY want? \* to catch a ball and never let go \* to scare the pesky vet away \* to steal a snuggly duvet \* to have gloopy mud baths – NOT bubble baths \* food \* more food \* even more food The charming, heart warming illustrations show how dogs choose their owners, where it’s best to sleep in the house (under the owner’s duvet, of course) and how to pretend you haven’t been fed yet…

This is a charming tail that will give children and grown-ups a warm, happy glow! You’d be barking mad to miss it!