Happy World Book Day!

Happy World Book Day! We couldn’t be any prouder of Sophy Henn who is the official World Book Day Illustrator!  Sophy has created some truly awesome illustrations that you can see dotted around the World Book Day website and on their posters, tokens and displayed in bookshops everywhere!

Author of the brilliant Where Bear? and gorgeously grumpy Pom Pom Gets the Grumps, Sophy has some very good advice for budding young illustrators and authors who have been inspired by World Book Day;

‘Never be afraid of making mistakes. It’s only by being brave with your ideas that you get to the really exciting stuff. Keep writing and drawing for the joy of it. Also, don’t be put off by what others around you are doing. I was never ‘best’ at art or English at school. Just keep practising drawing from life and learn your grammar basics, but alongside that develop YOUR style. It will probably change and keep evolving so enjoy the adventure ­– it never ends! Finally, ALWAYS have a sketchbook or notebook and pen or pencil near you. I’ve had so many ideas and thought ‘There’s NO WAY I’ll EVER forget that” – then promptly forgot it. If only I’d written it down!’

To celebrate World Book Day, Sophy’s also given us a sneaky peak into how she draws Bear from Where Bear? – take a look at her handy guide here and try your hand at drawing your own version of Bear!