It’s time to return to the Embassy Of The Dead

The marvellous Will Mabbitt is back with book two in the Embassy of The Dead series, titled Embassy of the Dead: Hangman’s Crossing!

Published today by Orion Children’s Books, this adventure has Jake now working for the Embassy, but things are never that simple…

The second book in a spookily funny new series, where the living meet the dead and survival is a race against time. Perfect for fans of Skulduggery Pleasant and Who Let the Gods Out.

Welcome to the Embassy of the Dead. Leave your life at the door. (Thanks.)

Jake may have already outrun and outwitted a grim reaper – saving his own life, as well as the soul of an innocent ghost – but his spooky adventure has only just begun . . .

In return for helping ghost, Stiffkey, resolve his unfinished business and travel to the Afterworld, Jake has now been awarded an official position working for the Embassy of the Dead, protecting ghosts in need. He didn’t ask for it and, to be honest, he doesn’t necessarily want it, but saying ‘no’ to the Embassy isn’t an option. Now Jake must journey even deeper into the mysterious world of ghosts where, on a rowdy night undercover at the Hangman’s Social Club, he overhears a plot to destroy the very fabric between the world of the living and the dead.

With his ghostly gang at his side – hockey stick-wielding Cora and Zorro the fox – Jake must do the impossible. He has to be a hero. Again. His life – and ultimately his death – depends on it.

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