Katy Birchall has written a bewitching Halloween special for The Metro!

The spell binding Katy Birchall has written a fascinating article about the historical locations that inspired Morgan Charmley: Teen Witch, for today’s Halloween issue of The Metro!

The piece discusses the spooky history of Essex and the county’s witchy past alongside plenty of folklore trivia!

WHEN someone says Essex, ‘witch county’ probably isn’t the first thing that pops into your head. However, alongside the region’s frustrating associations with white stilettos and fake tan, is a dark, fascinating history, especially when it comes to magic and myth.


When I had the idea to write my next book about a teenage witch, I knew straight away it would be set in Essex. Though it’s a comedy — as the protagonist, Morgan Charmley, muddles her way through school and tries very hard not to turn irritating classmates into smelly toads — the opportunity to weave in references to the harrowing witching history of where I grew up felt too vital to ignore.


A note from Katy:

As with all my books, I hope this one will make readers laugh. And perhaps the setting might just inspire the belief that throughout Essex, lurking in the ancient woodlands, the Roman structures and the old, creaking buildings, there’s not just history, there’s a little bit of magic too.

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