Jenni Spangler’s Two Book Deal For World Rights Has Been Sold To Simon & Schuster Children’s UK!

Lauren Gardner, has sold world rights in a two book deal for debut author, Jenni Spangler, to Simon & Schuster Children’s UK Editorial Director for Children’s Fiction: Jane Griffiths.

The first book, The Vanishing Trick, will publish as a lead debut in Spring2020 with the second novel in the deal to follow in 2021.

The Vanishing Trick is a historical adventure with a magical twist featuring folklore, magical cabinets and illusions. Madame Augustina Pinchbeck travels the country conjuring the spirits of dearly departed loved ones, for a price. Whilst her ‘medium’ abilities are a game of smoke and mirrors, there is real magic at play, as the children in her employ know all too well.

When Pinchbeck attempts to steal young orphan Leander and make him part of her travelling show, events are set in motion that will see Leander and his stolen friends, Charlotte and Felix, in a race against time to stop Pinchbeck in her tracks and break her spell, before one of them vanishes forever…

From the author:

I’m over the moon to be publishing my first novel with S&S. Children’s fiction is such a fun and interesting world and I’m thrilled to have the chance to add my own voice. The spooky and magical books I read as a child have always stayed with me, so I hope to create those same feelings of excitement for this new generation of readers.

From Jane Griffiths, Editorial Director for Children’s Fiction at Simon & Schuster Children’s UK:

I’m so excited to welcome Jenni to the growing Simon & Schuster fiction list and can’t wait to share her exceptional debut with the world next year! I was immediately entranced by Jenni’s writing and the atmospheric world of The Vanishing Trick which is full to the brim with magic, secrets and fantastically imagined characters.

Congratulations to all!

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