Maisie Paradise Shearring’s, ‘I’m Actually Really Grown-Up Now’, Is Out Today!

A gorgeous story for any young reader who is actually really grown up, Maisie Paradise Shearring‘s picture book is out today; published by Two Hoots!

After the publication of Maisie’s completely adorable debut picture book as author-illustrator, Anna and Otis, we are very excited for her second publication with Two Hoots: I’m Actually Really Grown-Up Now.

Maisie’s inspiration behind this fantastic read:

A long time ago whilst in primary school I told my mum, after a trip to Boyes, that I was very grown-up and she needed to take me more seriously. I had the phrase “I’m Actually Really Grown-Up Now” in my head a lot and now it’s become a book!

The grown-ups are having a party, and Meena would really love to join in but instead she’s sent to bed. Only grown-ups get to stay up late. So the next day she makes a very important announcement to her parents: “I’m actually really grown-up now!”

In this very funny story we join Meena as she plans her very own grown-up party and explores what it REALLY means to be a grown up. She has a lot of fun experimenting with fashion, going to work and party planning, but she soon finds out that being grown-up might not always be as easy as it seems.

I’m Actually Really Grown Up Now by Maisie Shearring is the follow-up to the wonderful Anna and Otis. Maisie has a special talent for capturing the bittersweet highs and lows of childhood and the humour to be found in everyday situations.

To celebrate the release of Maisie’s beautiful brand new book, Two Hoots will be hosting a launch party at Gosh Comics on Monday 9th September. Maisie will be at the event signing books and boogying!

If you would like to attend you can RSVP to… or if you cannot attend you can order your book here!

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