Michael Dobbs Interview For ‘House Of Cards’ – 9 Emmy Nominations With Live Show In Under A Week! (Sun 22nd Sep)

As a well timed reminder, thecallsheet.co.uk has released an interview with Lord Michael Dobbs discussing the upcoming excitement for ‘House of Cards’ at the Emmys.

After 9 nominations, the Netflix phenomenon has people buzzing with anticipation in the count down to the live show this Sunday 22nd September.

See what Michael Dobbs thinks about his beloved ‘House of Cards’ with a sneak peak at the interview below!

HoC is the first online drama to be recognised by the Emmys. Was the prospect of an online only show daunting and did you feel any apprehension towards this non-traditional model?
I love being involved with brave people trying new things. The element of risk is what keeps everything fresh. The concept of releasing House of Cards online was a hugely important part of the show’s appeal to me, and the debate about whether to release it in one go or as thirteen individual episodes raged hard. But if you believe in the concept of giving the viewer what they want, when they want it, we had to be true to that goal. House of Cards is not simply a beautiful show, it’s also part of a revolution in entertainment. It proves that quality is the key to financial as well as creative success; it doesn’t all have to be reduced to the lowest common denominator.

Will you be attending the award show?
I have my party frock aired and ironed.

For the full interview on The Call Sheet website, click here.

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