My Mum Always Looks After Me So Much publishes today!

The wonderful My Mum Always Looks After Me So Much publishes today, illustrated by our very own, very talented David Barrow!

Little Gorilla is going to the doctor for an injection.

His mum says it’s because she has to look after him.

But that’s the problem – his mum always looks after him so much.

First she makes him eat broccoli, then whenever he sneezes he has to put on an extra sweater. And now an injection! But it’s not all bad – the doctor gives Little Gorilla a stick-thing that smells of strawberries for being brave.

He loves it – but then he eaves it on the bus on the way home!

Little Gorilla is distraught – but his mum takes him back to the doctor for another stick thing.

His mum really does look after him so much.

Illustrated in David’s signature beautiful style, this is a charming and heartwarming book perfect for reading with small (and big!) children.

You can get your own copy here . . .

. . . and stay up to date with David’s work on Twitter @davebarrow3