Can You Hear These Great Reviews for Jake Jones!


​Since the publication of Can You Hear Me? the reviews have been storming in to rave about this inspiring read by the brilliant paramedic, Jake Jones. It is more important than ever to remember the hard work and dedication that our first responders give to our NHS on a daily basis. This book shines a raw and poignant light on life as an ambulance paramedic.

A memoir of the chaos, intensity and occasional beauty of life as a paramedic.

A young man has stopped breathing in a supermarket toilet. A pedestrian with a nasty head injury won’t let the crew near him on a busy road. A newborn baby is worryingly silent. An addict urinates on the ambulance floor when denied a fix. This is the life of an ambulance paramedic.

Jake Jones has worked in the UK ambulance service for ten years: every day, he sees a dozen of the scenes we hope to see only once in a lifetime. Can You Hear Me? - the first thing he says when he arrives on the scene - is a memoir of the chaos, intensity and occasional beauty of life on the front-lines of medicine in the UK.

As well as a look into dozens of extraordinary scenes - the hoarder who won’t move his collection to let his ailing father leave the house, the blood-soaked man who tries to escape from the ambulance, the life saved by a lucky crew who had been called to see someone else entirely - Can You Hear Me? is an honest examination of the strains and challenges of one of the most demanding and important jobs anyone can do.

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Other praise for the book includes:

With poignancy, humour and compassion, Jones invites us into “the invigorating chaos of pre-hospital care”... a panorama of experiences: the mundane, the ridiculous, the heartbreaking and the tragic.

- The Guardian

One hell of a ride.

- Saga magazine