Cover Reveal for Queer Power by Dom & Ink


​We are thrilled to announce Dom & Ink’s brand new book, Queer Power! : A Celebration of Icons, Activists and Game Changers from Across the Rainbow publishing in May this year with HarperCollins!

You’re about to meet so many incredible humans. Are you ready hun?

Celebrate some of the modern-day trailblazers, champions and icons who have shaped, or are shaping our world, from well-known public figures and allies to others you will wish you had heard of earlier.

Covering topics including coming out, gender, mental health and activism, this book is packed full of empowering quotes, inspiring life lessons and helpful advice that will encourage you to embrace your story and find your power.

Here is a note from Dom & Ink:

I am SO excited to announce my next book Queer Power! : A Celebration of Icons, Activists and Game Changers from Across the Rainbow. Published by HarperCollinsUK and released May 13th!

When developing this book, I wanted to make sure that I was platforming important LGBTQ+ voices, especially intersectional ones. It’s an eleganza of activists, creators, famous faces and a sprinkling of allies! With chapters ranging from mental health to chosen family and Pride, it’s basically a huge love letter to my LGBTQ+ community. A love letter that’s main aim is to amplify queer voices you will see and also may not see on TV or in magazines. I’m so over the moon we’ve managed to announce it at the end of #LGBTHistoryMonth, a time to look back at how so many queer people have shaped our community.

My one sentence to sum up the visual aesthetic inside? ‘I want it to look like a Pride protest meets a ballroom scene from Pose’. There’s fans, there’s lasers, there’s rainbows and DISCO BALLS. We’ve even added resource pages at the back and helplines for those who may need support.

It’s a book for someone who is searching for current faces to look to online in their community, a book that celebrates love and inclusivity and YOU and a book to remind someone that no matter what, you have that queer power inside of you 🌈.

I’ll be donating part of my advance on release day to UK Black Pride .

Special thank you to everyone who let me draw them for the book (more on that soon) and big love to my literary agent icon ‘The LG’ Lauren Gardner. My fantastic editor Omara, design team Sarah and Sim and everyone who has worked so hard through THREE LOCKDOWNS, zoom calls and copious amounts of biscuits to put this together.