Cover Reveal for The Weather Weaver!


​We are absolutely thrilled to share with you the fantastic cover for The Weather Weaver by Tamsin Mori!

What if you could befriend a cloud? What weather would you choose?

What if the weather matched itself to your mood, whether you wanted it to, or not?

11-year-old Stella has returned home to Shetland to spend the summer with her Grandpa, but it’s nothing like she remembers. Grandpa is lost in his grief for Gran, the island is bleak and Stella feels trapped, until she encounters an old woman, Tamar, who can spin rainbows and call hurricanes. With the help of Nimbus, a feisty young storm cloud, Stella begins to learn the craft of weather weaving. But when her cloud brain-fogs Grandpa and The Haken (a sea witch) starts to close in, she realises that magic comes with big responsibilities. It will take all her heart and courage to face the coming storm…

Praise for the book so far:

‘This magical, highly original story of a girl who learns to control the weather will blow you away with its drama, warmth and wit and the lovely little Nimbus will make you long for a cloud friend of your own!’ Anna Wilson (Vlad the World’s Worst Vampire)

‘The Weather Weaver crackles with stormy magic. A masterfully written, utterly spellbinding adventure that swept me away from the very first page. Tamsin has a rare gift for crafting mesmerising worlds so real and tangible that they stay with you long after the last word has been read. An electrifying and assured debut that is destined to become a modern classic.’ Damaris Young (Creature Keeper)

‘A storm-swept adventure brimming with wild Shetland magic. I loved it!’ Alex English (Sky Pirates)