Instagram superstar Five Minute Mum is going to Give Me Five!


The Instagram superstar, Five Minute Mum (aka Daisy Upton), has written an already bestselling book that is out today from Penguin!

Give Me Five offers five minute, easy, fun games for busy people to do with little kids! With over 150 games to choose from, this book is the perfect companion for any adult who just needs five minutes of peace!

Daisy Upton has two little kids. She loves them - but they drive her mad.

So, to try and keep her sanity she started to come up with quick, easy games using stuff from around the house. And @FiveMinuteMum was born.

In her first book, she has collected 150+ games that take 5 minutes to set up & 5 minutes to tidy up.

From pasta posting to alphabet knock down, it’s a recipe book for guilt free parenting!

And as Daisy was a teaching assistant, your little ones will be learning while they play! What could be better?

GIVE ME FIVE is the perfect companion for anyone who wants five minutes peace.

“I love Five Minute Mum. She’s managed to come up with a huge array of activities for kids that are fun and educational yet don’t require an Art degree or Diploma in Patience to execute.”Sarah Turner, aka Unmumsy Mum