Helen Harvey’s debut, Emmy Levels Up, goes to OUP!


Lauren Gardner has sold world rights for debut author Helen Harvey‘s powerful middle grade text, Emmy Levels Up, to Clare Whitston, senior commissioning editor at Oxford University Press!

The debut explores friendship and bullying in the digital age. Online, Emmy is a gamer with lots of fans and followers. However, in real life Emmy is bullied by Vanessa, who says she is “a weirdo with bad handwriting and horrible fashion sense and no dad”. Emmy needs to “level up”, join forces with some new friends and beat the bullies.

​A note from Clare Whitston:

Helen is an incredible talent and we are really excited that she is joining our list. Emmy Levels Up is the most authentic depiction of bullying I have ever read in a children’s novel and I absolutely love this book. It’s heart-warming, and heart-breaking at the same time.

A note from Helen:

As a library worker and former teacher I know how important it is to discuss these issues in the classroom, and now more than ever children have to navigate the crossover between their ‘online’ and ‘real’ world. I look forward to going into schools and working with OUP to create classroom materials to bring these issues into the spotlight.