Save Yourself Happy by Money Mum Official has sold to Hamlyn after a five-way auction!


​We are thrilled to announce that Lauren Gardner has sold world rights for two books on behalf of Spotlight Talent Management and Gemma Bird, who runs the Instagram account Money Mum Official to Eleanor Maxfield, publisher at Hamlyn, an imprint of the Octopus Publishing Group after a five-way auction! Money Mum Official: Save Yourself Happy will be published on 6th January 2022.

After years of working multiple jobs at once, from picking mushrooms to working as an estate agent, Bird never earned more than £25,000 a year and yet managed to pay off her £225k mortgage by coming up with “careful and creative” methods of saving. She launched her Instagram channel Money Mum Official to help others save and her first book will share her tips and tricks.

So many of us feel we have to pretend to be wealthier than we are and try to hide it when we can’t afford something. Why though, when we are all sharing what we had for our tea and how many press-ups we did that morning on social media, can’t we be more honest about our finances? Why is there still so much shame and secrecy about being a bit strapped for cash, or in debt? Gemma Bird feels really strongly that it has got to change, and she is here to help. From starting small and making little changes to your everyday habits, through building a second income into your lifestyle, to going for the big goals in your life that you might think are out of your reach – this book will help you reboot your finances one money tip at a time.

Maxfield said:

Money Mum Official is that especially exciting commission where the whole company champions it from the beginning and you know the books are going to empower others. Gemma is passionate, informed, relatable and raring to go – the absolute dream author and perfect fit for the Hamlyn list. Anyone coming to her new is going to fall for her instantly.

Bird commented:

Money Mum here, I am so excited to be publishing my first book with the brilliant team at Octopus Books. I can’t wait to share my money tips and tricks with as many people as possible and show you that it can be cool to save! My book will help everyone understand the simple value of appreciating a £10 note and the empowerment and pride that comes from being in control of your money and your life. I am truly thankful to my amazing Instagram community, Octopus Books, Bell Lomax Moreton and Spotlight Management for believing in this vision with me and making my dream come true.