Six Book Deal For International Bestselling Crime Author, Denzil Meyrick, Sold to Polygon!


​We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Jo Bell has sold English language rights in UK and Commonwealth (excluding Canada and Europe) for six new titles by our very own bestselling crime writer, Denzil Meyrick, to Polygon!

This deal will lead to three novels and three novellas to be published by Scotland’s largest independent publisher, Polygon, between Christmas 2020 and 2022.

Denzil’s most recent instalment in his world-wide successful DCI Daley series, Jeremiah’s Bell, will be published in June this year! Making Denzil the bestselling Scottish crime writer published by a Scottish press.

The series is set in fictional Kinloch, on Kintyre in Argyll, and has won acclaim for its authenticity in accurate police procedural, gritty humour and ingenious plotting. DCI Jim Daley first arrived in rural Kinloch from the mean streets of Glasgow in Whisky from Small Glasses (2012), and he found a community packed with strong characters and buried secrets. Since then, characters such as DS Brian Scott and the inscrutable old fisherman Hamish have become firm favourites with readers and listeners across the globe.

A note from Alison Rae, Managing Editor at Polygon:

We are thrilled with this signing. It signals a real commitment to Denzil and his exceptional crime writing – and we’re all looking forward to many more years of DCI Daley and his cohorts.

In light of this huge news, we thought we would catch up with Denzil and ask him a few questions!

Q. How do you feel now in comparison to the news of the publication of the first instalment in the DCI Daley series?

A. It’s always a thrill when a new book is published. For me, it’s even more exciting than the debut publication. I know where I am, my audience and how everything works. Now with Polygon, the experience is an altogether more rewarding one.

Q. Is there anything for readers to look out for in the next 6 books?

A. I’m thrilled by the prospect of writing the six new titles. The three Daley novels will help me bring more to the characters and setting that we’ve explored in nine titles to date. I try to keep things fresh by having each novel come from a different perspective. We’ve had books with a gangster theme, political thriller feel, a historical twist and even a prequel element. I’m looking forward to developing this technique.The novellas are set in the 1960s. They feature a young Hamish from the novels, who is a first mate on a fishing boat, ‘The Girl Maggie’, under ebullient skipper Sandy Hoynes. They have a more nostalgic, light-hearted feel. But I can still explore interesting, moving and poignant character themes and plots.

Q. How do you feel about transitioning into writing novellas?

A. I have already written some short stories and a novella (Empty Nets and Promises). It’s good to be able to have the scope to further develop what is a very different style and writing process in the shorter form.

Q. What is your writing process? Any tricks or tips for budding authors?

A. I’m often asked about my writing process, especially by new writers anxious to make their mark. I think everyone has to find their own method, style and a way of working that best suits themselves. One thing I will always stress is, that if an aspiring writer wishes to improve and hone his or her skills, simply writing is the best discipline. Try to pen something every day, and don’t be frightened to make mistakes. It’s all part of the creative process.

Q. How has your publishing journey changed since having an agent?

A. Having an agent is invaluable. I have been lucky to have had representation since very early on in my career. Now having Jo Bell on board as my agent and guide, we’ve been able to make such great strides forward in a very short time. A proactive agent is essential to any writer wishing to negotiate the minefield of potential wrong turns in the publishing industry. And Jo is the best. Also, having an agent opens doors. Most publishers will not now accept manuscripts directly from authors. Having a myriad of contacts and expertise, an agent can make things you never believed possible happen.