Superstar Alesha Dixon’s Star Switch is out now!


​From the author of the BESTSELLING series Lightning Girl, International SUPERSTAR Alesha Dixon has written another fabulous book in collaboration with the hilarious Katy Birchall!

In this brand spanking new book, expect a unique take on Freaky Friday filled with laughter and so much fun!

Naomi is the biggest pop star on the planet at the age of fifteen. She’s broken America, she’s big in Japan, she’s on top of the world… but she’s also tired of the constant touring, bored of having Westfield shopping centre closed for her to wander alone at midnight, miserable at not having any friends.

Ruby is Naomi’s biggest fan. She knows the words to every song, she can replicate every dance move, she dreams of being Naomi’s BFF. When the girls have an unexpected encounter and swap bodies, Ruby is launched into the limelight. Will she adore her new A-list life, or will she end up as lonely as Naomi? And will Naomi discover she can be a huge celebrity AND a normal girl after all?

Praise for Alesha:

We’ve got a feeling it’s going to be inspiring young people all across the country.

- Women and Home

Alesha Dixon’s tale is sure to go down a storm.

- The Sun