Superstar Lauren Gardner is one of the Bookseller’s Rising Stars!


​We are beyond excited to announce that one of our amazing agents, Lauren Gardner, has been named as one of The Bookerseller’s Rising Stars! Lauren has been at Bell Lomax Moreton since April 2014 and has gone from strength to strength as she champions her clients and questions the industry around her to encourage inclusivity for all. A renowned superstar in her own right, Lauren has a hardworking ethos and proactive nature, that leads her to excel in every project she sets her mind to. As such, we could not think of anyone more deserving of this fantastic news. Congratulations Lauren, we are so proud of you!

A hallmark of Lauren Gardner’s career is that she is an agent who does not wait for the next project to come to her. For example, she reached out to blogger Daisy Upton for the idea that would eventually be the bestselling Five Minute Mum. This extends to existing clients, such as brainstorming with YA star Katy Birchall for a pivot to adult romantic comedy; the result was The Undercover Bridesmaid, recently sold to Hodder. Gardner’s list is for the most part a balance between kids (Emma Read, Jenni Spangler) and agenda-setting non-fiction (paramedic memoirist Jake Jones; Natalie A Carter and Melissa Cummings-Quarry, founders of the Black Girls Book Club). Her career highlight? “Every time I go into a bookshop and see one of my authors’ books on the shelves, or spot somebody reading one in the wild.” Ultimately, Gardner wants to continue to focus on “empowerment, innovation and collaboration; I want to be part of a generation of young publishers who are committed to opening up our industry to everyone”.

​See the photo below to meet the rest of the book trade’s Rising Stars: