The Missing Pieces Of Me Is Out Now as an eBook!


The Missing Pieces of Me is finally out now as an eBook by the wonderful Amelia Mandeville!

Meet the couple you’ll fall for head over heels, and discover the novel that will break your heart and put it back together again

Willow and Dustin. They’re the perfect couple, everyone says so. And since the birth of their baby daughter, Dustin is sure his little family is all he will ever need.

So his world is shattered when he arrives home to find that Willow has disappeared, leaving only a cryptic note to say goodbye with no explanation of where she has gone or why she has left.

Determined to bring her home, Dustin sets out to find Willow. But the more he learns about the girl he loves most in the world, the more he feels like he’s trying to solve a puzzle without all the pieces.

Was Willow really keeping secrets from him?

Praise for Amelia:

‘She has touched my soul and lit up my heart’

‘You feel every emotion on the spectrum with these characters’

‘Simply stunning’

‘Her book is everything I could have hoped for and more’

‘It made me laugh, it made me cry, and it left me wanting more’

‘Easy to read and yet terribly emotive’

To celebrate the publication of The Missing Pieces Of Me, we thought we would catch up with Amelia for an exclusive Q&A:

1. How did you come up with the idea for The Missing Pieces Of Me? Did you think of the characters or the plot first?

So I definitely thought of the characters first, I really wanted to have a story line following a Dad who is thrown into being a single parent. I also wanted to follow the mystery of why some people leave relationships with no warning and why this happens, especially when from the outside you are this ‘perfect couple’. I know whenever someone close to me has broken up with their long term partner my first words are ‘but why!? They were perfect together’ but I only see the outside perspective. The highs, not the lows. The original story plan was a little bit darker than TMPOM turned out, but I’m so glad I altered, as I couldn’t see it any other way now.

2. How was the experience of writing this book in comparison to your debut, Every Colour Of You? Were there any highs or lows?

Oh, this was definitely a little bit more pressure. When I wrote Every Colour Of You, I had no book deal, I had no idea of the publishing world, I wrote and just threw it out there hoping it’d get a deal with no idea if I could actually write or not. With The Missing Pieces Of Me, I saw that people like my writing, it hit home, it struck a chord to them, and I really wanted this book to do them the same justice. The highs were that I knew so much more about the publishing industry, and I really believe my writing has developed. But the big low is that self-doubt in my head telling me I’m a one-trick pony.

3. Do you have any tips or tricks for aspiring writers?

Write. Write, and write. I know it sounds obvious but I’ve heard of so many people saying they wish they could publish a book, but they never will, but they never know! But without a book written it will really alter their chances. I also feel a lot of people get caught up in worrying that they are writing in the right format and structure, but as long as it’s neat, it’ll be fine to send off to agencies. Your book goes through so much formatting and editing further down the line. I also want to say- have a tough skin, prepare for this to be a long term journey. I tried for 5 years before I got a book deal, and it really made me self doubt my writing. But it wasn’t my writing, it’s just the story wasn’t right for the agents I was sending it to. Just don’t give up, that’s the real key. I don’t have a-levels, I don’t have a degree, I am also a bit dyslexic, but I didn’t let it stop me.

4. When you’re not writing what do you get up to? Do you have any upcoming projects we can look out for?

I am a freelance social media manager, so I’m doing a lot of that at the moment. I also do YouTube with my sister Grace on the channel Mandeville Sisters. We are actually working on a potential project together, we really want to write a children’s book, I do the writing, my sister does the illustration, it’s something we’ve wanted to do for a long time. But other than that I’m probably in my kitchen, trying to make new meals, stressing out, and then accidentally burning the kitchen surfaces, it’s a common occurrence hahaha.

5. For readers who love The Missing Pieces Of Me, do you have any comparable book recommendations?

Now, this is a hard one! I really don’t know! There are so many amazing authors and books, and I don’t even think my writing compares to! Some of my favourite books that add the sense of mystery slightly are Songs Of Us by Emma Cooper, and We Were Liars by E. Lockhart.

6. In three words, how would you describe The Missing Pieces Of Me?
Oooooh, good question. Possibly, heart-rending, puzzling, emotional. I’d love to hear how other people sum it up though, as I love it when readers interpret it all differently!