The New Friend by Alex Kane is out now!


Happy publication day to The New Friend by Alex Kane!

Be careful who you let into your life

Arabella MacQueen had a tough start. Growing up surrounded by drugs and alcohol, getting into trouble as a teen, she’s now in her late-twenties and has turned her life around.

Until the fateful night that sees her imprisoned for 10 months.

She’s hit rock bottom … but unexpectedly forges a bond with cellmate Roxanne McPhail that lasts beyond the prison walls.

Now both women are free, and Arabella is excited about the future with boyfriend Eddie, with Roxanne at her side.

But Arabella doesn’t know the truth about her new best friend; about Roxanne’s reputation as the head of Glasgow gangland, about the violence in Roxanne’s past.

She doesn’t know that Roxanne has plans for Arabella that might lead her into some very dangerous places.

In this dirty game, Arabella is going to have to learn you can’t always trust those closest to you…

A gritty, utterly addictive thriller set in Scottish gangland - fans of Roberta Kray and Jacqui Rose won’t be able to put it down

Readers are loving The New Friend:

‘My only criticism is that I couldn’t put it down. Make sure you’ve got time to read this you won’t be disappointed. A well-deserved five stars.’ ☆☆☆☆☆ Reader Review

I absolutely loved this book, could not put it down and the twist at the end…Can’t wait for the next book.’ ☆☆☆☆☆ Reader Review

‘This book was brilliant. It had me hooked from beginning until the end. Full of action and a great read.’ ☆☆☆☆☆ Reader Review.