Two-book deal from Tired and Tested star Sophie McCartney has sold to HarperNorth!


We are thrilled to announce that Lauren Gardner has sold World All Languages rights for a two-book deal combining fiction and non-fiction for comedy writer and social media star Sophie McCartney (Tired and Tested) to Genevieve Pegg, publishing director at HarperNorth! Tired and Tested: The Wild Ride into Parenthood will be published in February 2022, followed by a fiction debut in 2023.

Sophie McCartney, the force behind the internet phenomenon Tired and Tested, is a 30-something comedy writer and social media sensation. Propelled towards internet stardom in 2017 for a mum parody of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’, she combines original musical compositions, parody and stand-up comedy in her content. Liverpool-born Sophie has clocked up a following of more than a million on Facebook alone, with hundreds of millions of views for her online content.

When it comes to adult life, and parenthood, you will never be ready. So what happens when you hit your mid-thirties and still feel like an out-of-depth teen trapped in the slightly sagging skin suit of a tired and tested mother of two?

Join comedian Sophie McCartney as she shares her journey from wild child to with child … a never ending exercise in expectation vs reality (and the cleaning up of bodily fluids) she voyages deep into difficult and unchartered territories of mating, birthing, feral offspring, mums overdoing it at the watering hole, and the perilous viper nest of the school WhatsApp group.

Overwhelmed by love, but exhausted by life, and with no idea if the ‘five-second rule’ applies to hummus, she, like most of us, has 100% NOT ‘got this’ ― unless, of course, referring to parasitic organisms.

With laugh out loud humour and eye-watering honesty, Sophie shows how whether you’ve had a day full of whining or a night full of wine, there’s joy to be had in the perfectly imperfect wild ride into parenthood. Welcome to the jungle.

Genevieve Pegg said:

‘I’ve been a huge fan of Sophie’s work right from the start – she’s made me and millions of other women laugh and feel like we’re not alone in the crazier parts of parenting. But more than that, when I read Sophie’s book I knew her honesty and humour would strike a chord with readers everywhere – for everyone who wonders why adult life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Laugh-out loud funny and fabulously frank, I can’t wait to share this and Sophie’s amazing novel with readers.’

Sophie said:

‘It’s been my ambition to write for as long as I can remember, so I’m absolutely overjoyed to have signed with HarperNorth. I wanted to write not only about parenting, but the wild journey into adulthood and realisation you’ll never be ready for the monumental responsibility. I’m hoping to bring a lot of laughs to ‘tired and tested’ grown-ups everywhere – a safe space for collective mistakes, life lessons and discoveries. Because let’s be honest, it’s a jungle out there! As a mother-of-two, I’m quite often overwhelmed and exhausted - like so many of us I’ve 100% NOT ‘got this’ — unless, of course, you’re referring to headlice. I’m beyond excited for publication, and also for my debut novel in 2023.’