You Are Positively Awesome by Stacie Swift is out NOW!


​You Are Positively Awesome by the absolutely amazing Stacie Swift is out NOW, published by Pavilion! Full of good vibes and self-care tips for all of life’s ups and downs, this colourful book is perfect for everyone and anyone!

You Are Positively Awesome is a colourful and practical book for an everyday burst of positivity and an extra dose of self-kindness.

We all weather some difficult days, sometimes we need a reminder that nobody really has it all together all the time. This book is for all those days - a rainbow of good vibes, full of self-care prompts and words to live by.

When we feel as though we are the only ones struggling.

When we are juggling too many balls and comparing our wobbly days to a constant stream of shiny, staged social media photos.

When we lose our sparkle and forget all about self-love and self-compassion.

Even though deep down we know it’s okay not to be okay, this book offers the gentle encouragement and support we need to help brighten the cloudy days.

Whether you need an affirmation to make you smile, practical tips on upping your self-care, or space to create your own pie chart of ‘Things That Help on Tough Days’ this book combines bright illustrations with useful words of support for all us, even when we feel at our un-sparkliest.

Full of memos, activities and friendly advice; You Are Positively Awesome is a real-life antidote to life.

Praise for You Are Positively Awesome:

‘This is a perfect book to dip into when you need a boost of self-care; a book that you may want to add to over time, reminding yourself of what you’ve achieved and what you’ve overcome to achieve it. It’s also a lovely gift if you know someone is struggling to cope with life’s ups and downs.’ -

‘You Are Positively Awesome by Stacie Swift is an amazing work of self-care wonder. Helping you to put yourself first with words of wisdom, prompts and pages to fill in. This is perfect for anyone who needs a few minutes to put themselves first.’ - NetGalley reviewer

‘This is a really cute, positive, upbeat and encouraging book It’s a reminder that self-care isn’t selfish, take time for yourself, say “no” more and just be kind.’ - NetGalley reviewer

‘A beautifully presented insight into the workings of our wellbeing. Helping us understand that the feelings we find ourselves feeling are perfectly acceptable. Giving hints and tips of how to look at situations and giving a positive outcome on things.’ - NetGalley reviewer

​To celebrate the publication of Stacie’s awesome new book, we thought we would catch up with her for an exclusive Q&A:

How/when did you know you wanted to become an illustrator?

I’ve always loved drawing, though initially I channelled my creativity into Fashion Design. I vividly remember being in my Art Foundation Class at London College of Fashion as a teenager and the tutor talking to another student about a degree in Illustration. It made me realise that it was a viable option - especially as I am much better at drawing than I am at sewing!

What inspired you to create ‘You Are Positively Awesome’?

‘You Are Positively Awesome’ is inspired by the ups and downs of life - and the comfort to be found in knowing we aren’t alone through the good and bad days. It’s all of the positive reminders, self-care memos and encouragement that so many of us need to hear.

In light of the UK’s Covid-19 lockdown, do you have any advice for those struggling with their mental health right now?

The lockdown has been, and continues to be, so difficult to navigate. I think it’s important to remember that no two experiences will be the same; we mustn’t put pressure on ourselves to look / feel / act a certain way or compare ourselves to others. As things ease I think it’s also really important to continue to enforce boundaries, we are still allowed to say no to the things we aren’t yet comfortable with. And finally, to seek support - whether that’s from a friend, a therapist, from an online space, or a support group - there’s no need to struggle through these difficult times alone.

From, ‘You Are Positively Awesome’ what is your favourite quote and why?

‘We deserve to give time to the things that help us keep sparkling and shining our brightest’.

I think this is my favourite quote as it sums up so much of what the book is about - prioritising ourselves, practising self-care and doing more of what makes us feel our best!

A note from Stacie:

Today’s the day my book baby heads out into the world!

I’m so proud of this book.

The late nights.

The pages written sat on my bed with a tiny, newborn Maisie snuggled next to me.

The piles of pencil sketches that turned into rainbow pages of positivity.

All of the things I’ve needed to hear, and hopefully the things you need reminding of too.

Have you got your copy?

I hope you love it!

Extra big thanks to Lauren Gardner and Pavilion for making this dream come true!

Set your alarm for 8pm this evening for the BOOK LAUNCH PARTY! Join Stacie and Alison Perry over on Instagram for a book chat, live Q&A and a giveaway!