Alex Gregory

Agent: Jo Bell

Alex Gregory MBE, is a two-time Olympic gold medallist, five-time World champion and World record holder for the Great Britain Men’s rowing team. In 2017, he took part in The Polar Row, a pioneering Arctic rowing expedition in which he and his crew successfully forged a route across previously un-rowed Arctic Waters, breaking numerous world records in the process. Alex has now retired from competitive sport and now inspires others to achieve through motivational speaking events and adventures. Alex is married to Emily, they have three children, Jasper, Daisy and Jesse who have all been a huge motivation for him pursuing another passion of his, living and experiencing the outdoors.

Dadventures is published by HarperCollins.

From afternoon adventures to an overnight trip, double Olympic gold medallist rower and father-of-three Alex shares exciting ideas for enjoying time together as a family, in all seasons. No matter how much time you have, make it count with Dadventures – the ultimate guide to ditching the routine and having fun with your kids.

You can…Have an Outdoor Adventure was published by HarperCollins in June 2020.

You can…have an outdoor adventure, is part of a series of fun, ‘how-to’ books for children. Packed with easy-to-follow tips on how to build a den, go on a nature trail, cook on a campfire and go stargazing. With tips on staying safe and looking after the environment, this step-by-step guide provides space for notes and photos so kids can record all their amazing adventures! Practical tips, prompts and easy-to-follow tasks will spark their imaginations and inspire creativity while developing their skills and indulging their interests and hobbies.

Review for Dadventures

“I’ve got four girls under eight and this is brilliant. It’s a really handy book for dads, showing how to build a raft or an insect trap. I built a Viking boat recently out of wood. It’s a very good antidote to the iPad’ Jimmy Doherty, Daily Express