Charlie Barker

Agent: Lauren Gardner

Charlie Barker is a pre & postnatal specialised personal trainer and has been working with new and expectant Mums in London and online across the UK for almost 10 years. She works with Mums to encourage and empower them to feel strong inside and out, throughout a time in their lives where so much is changing and feels out of their control. Whilst it started out as a very fitness-focused business, she quickly realised that fitness is only one part of the package. Supporting women emotionally is just as important, and maternal mental health is a key part of Charlie’s method.

Charlie herself suffered 4 miscarriages before her current pregnancy, so knows only too well about the anxiety that comes with pregnancy and all that goes with it. Going through this traumatic time she opened up online about her experiences which saw a huge increase in social engagement and allowed her to realise not just the extent of how common miscarriages are, but how many women don’t feel “glowing” and “radiant” in their pregnancy like the films promise us. It encouraged her to be open about every single aspect of her journey to pregnancy and open up the conversation about mental health being just as important as physical health, which is what she previously focused on through her social media channels.

Charlie regularly speaks at events and on Instagram lives to women who want to feel reassured on both the physical and mental side of things. It is that encouragement that women need to feel empowered to do the things they want to do and not let the “what ifs” get in the way. This is what Charlie aims to provide, and going through her own pregnancy is allowing her to experience it first hand alongside her followers.

Charlie’s non-fiction debut, Bumps and Burpees was published by DK in February 2021!