Jo Love

Agent: Jo Bell

Jo Love is an award-winning mental health advocate, speaker, writer and podcaster, she uses her platform to break the silence on mental health issues through her engaged Instagram followers on Jo Love and Therapy is Magic and the successful What I Wish I Had Known Podcast. After spending a large portion of her life silently suffering with severe Depression, OCD and Generalised Anxiety Disorder leading to a diagnosis of Postnatal Depression after the birth of her first daughter which led to PTSD, Jo realised she needed to make a change, speak out and help others know it is ok not to be ok.

Jo is a Founding Member of the Speakers Collective, set up by preeminent mental health campaigners Jonny Benjamin MBE and Natasha Devon MBE. Jo hosts her own events as well as speaking regularly in schools, universities and businesses across the UK ranging from the Cabinet Office to the Baby Show. She is regularly featured in Stylist Magazine and has represented several brands including Superdrug and Olivia Burton.

In Therapy is Magic published by Yellow Kite in October 2021, Jo Love reveals everything you’ve wanted to know but been too scared to ask about the world of therapy. This is a passionate and unflinchingly honest account of Jo’s own mental health journey and an essential read for those curious about or considering entering therapy. Written from the unique perspective of a person in therapy, the book provides a rarely heard voice in the mental wellness space. With the help of experts including her own therapist, Jo opens a rare window into the secretive world of therapy, unpicking the magical powers that enabled her to find her voice, grow her resilience and ultimately save herself from her own mind.