Liv Thorne

Agent: Lauren Gardner

Liv Thorne is a full time working business owner, mum to her son Herb and creator of the popular blog and Instagram account Livs Alone. Her debut non-fiction book Liv’s Alone, was published by Hodder & Stoughton in August 2021, and shares her experience of becoming a mum via sperm donation in her 30’s, and life as a solo parent.

From smashing the fairy tale story that we’re fed from a young age and grieving the life you thought you were going to live, to buying sperm from Denmark and bringing a baby into the world, Liv guides readers through the highs and lows with warmth, humour and understanding. This book is for anyone who might want to take charge of their parental destiny, learn more about modern families or want to be reassured that there is no right or wrong way to parent.

‘I want the book to be a little beacon of hope to women who are in the same position I was in four years ago; late 30’s, single and longing for a baby. To show that you don’t have to give up on what you want just because the jigsaw puzzle of your life has some pieces missing. Not to mention all those who are just fascinated by the process and of raising a child alone. There is a saying that everyone has a book in them, that is so true, I just didn’t realise mine would be about buying sperm!’

Liv is about to turn 41, but if you mention it she may flick you.