Picture Books

DOM&INK (Dominic Evans) is a freelance illustrator and merperson based in London, from not-so-sunny Bolton, via Narnia. Growing up with a love of Buffy, short shorts and Starlight Express, Dom, like many others, struggled to fit in at school, in life, and mainly with themself. However, they soon found their voice through their passion for illustration and stories. This led them on a path to illustrate for large brands, stores, clients and agencies.

They currently live in East London and spend their time immersing themself in a graphic novel or an amazing book and then creating illustrations that they hope will make your day and make you slay. Their first two illustrated activity books Map My Heart and Map My Style were published by Huck & Pucker.

DOM&INK’s first non-fiction YA project is Free To Be Me, An LGBTQ+ Journal of Love, Pride and Finding Your Inner Rainbow, was published by Penguin Kids Books in May 2019. Dom's second book, Queer Power was published in May 2021 by HarperCollins!