Picture Books

Ella Okstad

Agent: Paul Moreton

Ella is an illustrator based in Norway, living in her native city of Trondheim. However, Ella studied in the UK and graduated from Kent Institute of Art and Design in 2000 and has been working freelance ever since.

Ella currently works with publishers in Norway, the UK and the US and her work has been described as being full of humour, quirkiness and charm with a touch of mischievousness.

A small selection of books Ella has been working on: In 2014, an invisible cat called Squishy McFluff came into her life. The seven books (with more to come) are all written by rhyme master Pip Jones and published by Faber&Faber. Alongside these, Ella has enjoyed working on the Sophie Johnson books; Unicorn Expert, Detective Genius and Sports Superstar. The series is brilliantly written by agency-mate Morag Hood and published by Simon and Schuster UK 2018 and 2019. And in 2017, Ella illustrated a charming story about toddler tantrums and friendly monsters called Tiny Tantrum, written by Caroline Crowe and published by Little Tiger Press. Most recently, Ella illustrated The Drama Llama which was published by Puffin in April 2022 and The Truth About Yeticorns which was published in 2023. Tiny's Brave Rescue was published by Welbeck Flame in October 2023.

Ella’s illustrations are being enjoyed by readers all over the world as many of the books have been translated into several different languages.


In between busy deadlines, Ella enjoys spending time with her three boys, husband and cat, drinking good coffee, making the occasional doodle and going for long walks.